My images reside somewhere between recognizable landscapes and composited dream worlds of marks and scrapes, haze and dust. These originated from profound experiences I have had in places such as airports and cathedrals, where the qualities of light and space were enveloping and dreamlike. I attempt to capture this spiritual, vertiginous sensation in my work through recomposing and imbuing these spaces with atmosphere, a sense of air as a physical substance. Observations of architectural structures serve as a starting point, and become abstracted, transformed, and sometimes obliterated through building and deconstruction, mark-making and erasure. The writings of Jorge Luis Borges spur me to look at the mysteriousness of space indirectly, through its reflections and contradictory features. I find my materials—charcoal, a dirty black dust, and acid, which eats away at metal plates—conceptually consonant with the elusive nature of perception and memory.